Sunday, 7 August 2011

Court & Spark Lavender Dala Horse Tutorial in Sew Hip Issue 30 - a bit disappointing...

Nice of them to let me know but I thought I'd just share that my Dala Horse Lavender Bag tutorial was included in Issue 30 of Sew Hip which I believe has been out for a little while now... It's all a bit disappointing as there is no mention of Court & Spark - only some lovely free mentions for three of my suppliers - ? And all my hard work photographing the tutorial has been replaced by some (in my opinion) quite scrappy illustrated diagrams :(

I am going to post my original tutorial here on the blog on Wednesday.

Anyway at least the little horses made the front page...(!)



  1. Disappointed? I would be blood furiou Phillipa, what a flippin cheek, I hope you got in touch with them! Grrrrr!

  2. Thanks Annie!
    I have sent an email - the editor is now on holiday so we'll see... hmmm
    (Still haven't been paid yet either)

  3. gosh I think I would be contacting them to give them an earful. There is no excuse for shoddiness or giving credit where credit is due. Crikes they could have name dropped you, it wouldnt of been too much hassle for them!

  4. They got a stiff email and I am apparently going to get a mention/apology in the News section of Issue 34... Px

    Just want to clarify - the tutorial was credited to me (Philippa Harding) but the whole point of me doing it was to get more exposure for Court & Spark - a byline barely even registers - I could just be a contibuting journalist... I think the most irritating part is that all the suppliers' web addresses got an increditbly prominent mention at the top...
    PS I have now had my invoice paid ;)

  5. How unfair!
    Disappointing is putting it mildly.
    Glad you have been paid at last, reading on Folksy forums non payment by sewhip is an ongoing issue.

  6. Lorna - Yes I saw that on Folksy too... I hope the mention in the next issue makes up for it(!)

    Hope you're well?



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