Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Original Court & Spark Dala Horse Lavender Bag Tutorial

Here's my original tutorial - a version of which was published in Sew Hip Issue 30 July 2011.

This tutorial is for lavender hangers made using a horse design but it could easily be applied to any other shape or piece of fabric you like...

Step 1
  • Choose the horse or other shape on the cloth you want to use and cut out a square around it.
  • Cut a matching square of backing fabric.
  • Cut ribbon to required length (mine is approx. 25 cm)

Step 2
  • Place the pieces right sides together and pin at the bottom.
  • Fold fabric apart.
  • Place ribbon against right side and pin in place (as above). 
  • Fold fabric back together remembering to roll up the ribbon so it doesn't get caught up in the stitching.

Step 3
  • Pin - I usually pin across the outline of the horse shape but if the shape looks faint or you feel unsure, you can always trace the outline first with some tailor's chalk.

Step 4
  • Taking your time, machine stitch carefully around the outline of the horse leaving an approx. 1.5 cm gap along the belly for stuffing. 

Step 5
  • Remove pins and trim seams.

Step 6
  • Turn right side out and press if required.

Step 7
  • Generously stuff the the horse with a mix of lavender and polyfill - doing this inside a clear plastic bag saves a lot of mess (!)

Step 8
  • Hand stitch the gap closed using ladder stitch and sew button in place to finish.


Admire your handiwork!


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