Friday, 10 September 2010

My First Folksy Friday "Horsing Around"

A very simple theme for my first ever Folksy Friday, but since I've started making horses I've become a bit obsessed with them and there's so many wonderful horsey things out there... (plus my name Philippa means "lover of horses"!!)

Handprinted horses cushion by Helkatdesign


Hunter Gatherer Horse by One of Four

Galloping horse silhouette lampshade from Sara's decorative silhouette designs & more

Folk Horse Paper Cut Collage by Mangle Prints

Playing in the Sonoran Desert I etching by clairemcvinnie

Donkeys Disturbed By A Meteor Shower by James Green - Printworks


All the Kings Horses Racer back Vest from Bonbi Forest


  1. My sister-in-law owns horses, and you have just given me lots of shops to look for gifts for her.

    Thank you!

    Natalie x

  2. great've led me to shops I've not seen before! I'll be taking a closer look for sure! Jill x

  3. Gorgeous picks, look so good together!
    Love the folk horse collage, very intricate work.

    Cate x

  4. Brillant Folksy Friday! I love the etchings by Claire Mcvinnie.

    Amanda x

  5. Yay for horses! Thanks for including my vest in this collection.
    Lee May

  6. What a great theme this week! I love them all.

  7. An excellent first Folksy Friday, love your theme, great items :)

  8. Lovely picks for your First FF - well done you! I've also chosen the Horse pillow for mine today, it's stunning isn't it

  9. Great first folksy friday. Lovely finds- esp the papercut


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